Concert dates

19/05/2024, 17:00
Symphony concert with Works by Mendelssohn, Schönberg, Ben-Haim and Avni
Location: Synagoge Saarbrücken

01/03/2024, 19:00
Symphony concert „Das Lied von der Erde“ with works by Mahler/Schönberg and Avni
Location: Konzertsaal, Hochschule für Musik Saarbrücken

17/12/2023, 15:00
Pre-christmas symphony concert with works by Charpentier, Brucker, Lalande and Joh. Seb. Bach
Location: Alte Pfarrkirche St. Gangolf, Merzig-Besseringen

08/10/2023, 18:00
Symphony concert as part of Euroclassic-Festivals 2023 with works by Mozart, Britten, Lekeu und Debussy
Location: Festhalle Zweibrücken

24/08/2023, 19:00
Concert gala with works by Haydn, Mendelssohn, Wieniawski und Dvorak
Location: Großer Sendesaal, Saarländischer Rundfunk

02/07/2023, 17:00
Chamber music Soiree of the Ensemble Notambules with piano quintetts by Robert Schumann and Jean Cras
Location: Rathaus-Festsaal, Heusweiler

21/06/2023, 19:00 Uhr, Innenhof Stadtgalerie, St. Johanner Markt Saarbrücken
Open-air concert as part of Musikfestspiele Saar with works by Bizet, Offenbach, Debussy, Honegger und Mozart
Location: Innenhof Stadtgalerie, St. Johannes Markt Saarbrücken

16/04/2023, 11:00
Symphony concert with works by Mozart, Grieg, Purcell, Avni und Respighi
Location: Historic departement store, Freiburg

15/04/2023, 16:00
Symphony concert with works by Mozart, Grieg, Purcell, Avni und Respighi
Location: Eli.ja-Kirche der Jugend, Saarbrücken-St. Johann

24/03/2023, 19:00
Chamber music Soiree with works by Robert and Clara Schumann, Poulenc and Magnard
Violin: Velislava Taneva, Piano: Uwe Brandt
Location: Haus Fellenberg, Merzig

17/03/2023, 19:00
Symphony concert with works by Ravel, Wagner and Beethoven
Location: Saar University of Music, Saarbrücken

10/03/2023, 19:00
Chamber music soiree with works of Boismortier, Schubert, Milhaud and Beethoven
Violine: Lisa Saterdag, Viola: Jongyun Jeung, Cello: Masanori Tsuboi
Location: Rechtsschutzsaal Bildstock
10.03.2023, 19:00 Uhr

Kammermusiksoirée mit Werken von Boismortier, Schubert, Milhaud und Beethoven
Violine: Lisa Saterdag, Viola: Jongyun Jeung, Cello: Masanori Tsuboi
Ort: Rechtsschutzsaal Bildstock

12/12/2022, 18:30
Pre-christmas symphony concert with works by Corelli, Bach, Tansmann and Rameau
Location: Saardom, Dillingen

12/11/2022, 19:00
Symphony concert with works by Telemann, Mendelssohn and Bizet
Location: City hall, Dillingen

01/10/2022, 19:00
“Am Ende ein Lied” An music-theatre evening with works by Mendelssohn and Avni
Location: Aula, Goethe-Institut Dresden

15/08/2022, 20:00
Gala concert with students from Saar University of Music
Location: Kirchplatz St. Peter, Merzig

15/07/2022, 18:00
Symphony concert  with works by Bach, Haydn and Tschaikowsky
Location: Pfarrkirche St. Michael, Saarbrücken-St. Johann

14/07/2022, 19:30
Symphony concert  with works by Bach, Haydn and Tschaikowsky
Location: Pfarrkirche St. Josef, Merzig

07/05/202022, 15:00
Chamber concert with members from the KOG
Location: European Museum Schengen

26/02/2022, 19:00
Symphony concert with works by Mozart, Webern, Grieg and Tschaikowsky
Location: Saar University of Music, Saarbrücken

25/02/2022, 19:30
Symphony concert with works by Mozart, Webern, Grieg and Tschaikowsky
Location: Ludwigskirche, Saarbrücken


The diversity and pluralism of the KOG’s musicians are a mirror image of the range of its formats as well. In this way, tailor-made ensembles are created for every theme and occasion at an artistically high level.

Chamber concerts

The KOG is guided by the idea of being an international network for young musicians. Chamber music projects beyond the country’s borders are thus central to our activities. In collaboration with local organisers of cultural events, we support our members in organising chamber concerts in a wide variety of formations and create the institutional framework for our own chamber music series.

Symphony concerts

The KOG’s primary symphonic focus is on the classical works of the chamber orchestra repertoire from the Baroque period to the 21st century. Symphonies from the Classical and early Romantic periods also find their place here, as does the string orchestra repertoire of the 19th and 20th centuries and the music of the Fin de Siècle.

Family concerts

The KOG’s family concerts offer children, young people and families the opportunity to participate in culture and music with innovative concert programmes and a focus on their communication. The concerts take place both in public spaces and in schools and focus on one or more works from the history of music.


Founded in 2021 as a pan-European, symphonic chamber orchestra, the KOG is composed of young professional musicians from the greater European region who have set themselves the goal of contributing to the revival of musical culture here at the heart of Europe. Consisting of a flexible core of 40 members, we perform the classical and early romantic symphonic repertoire as well as the string and chamber orchestra repertoire from the baroque to the contemporary in five to six work cycles per year.

Consisting of professional musicians and selected top music students from the greater region, the KOG works with various cultural institutions and event organisers in the German-French border region, Luxembourg, Belgium and German-speaking Switzerland.

The KOG’s concertmaster is Maximilian Lohse, first concertmaster of the Flemish Opera House Antwerp/Ghent, while artistic responsibility lies with Stefan Bone, Kapellmeister at the Kiel Opera House.

Orchestral work is at the heart of our undertaking and is complemented by accompanying projects. For instance by organising master classes and audition training courses for the upcoming generation of professional musicians.

Another field of activity is the promotion of chamber music in a wide variety of formations, for which the chamber orchestra provides the institutional framework. The orchestra is registered as a non-profit association in Merzig.

The people

Michael Müller-Kasztelan
Stefan Bone
Artistic Director
Maximilian Lohse

Our Goals

Live Europe
The dream of European unification, peace and international understanding was already an inspiration for Ludwig van Beethoven. In 2020, the 250th anniversary of his birth. For a young generation of Europeans, the time of borders and barriers was long gone – until the corona pandemic painfully reminded us that open borders in Europe cannot be taken for granted. The KOG sees itself as part of a European community of citizens working to deepen European integration on the ground. To offer young musicians – regardless of their origin – the opportunity to participate in shaping the cultural landscape of our internationally shaped home region as part of a whole, fills us with joy and distinguishes us from comparable, regionally active ensembles.

An orchestra for the greater region
Big things always come from small things – we have adopted this slogan of the Saarland in many ways. First and foremost, we’ve chosen Merzig, the city at the border triangle of Germany, France and Luxembourg as the KOG’s home.
Providing rural areas with art and culture, intensifying networks in the local scene and ensuring concert experiences beyond the “QuattroPole” region pose challenges for culture providers. As a chamber orchestra, we would like to respond to this challenge and create an offer that is open to all citizens, including those rooted in rural areas:
live classical music in its immediacy as a natural part of social and cultural life.

Venturing a post-pandemic awakening
Transitioning from study to work is a challenge in any profession. It’s a special one in the music profession as well.
Particularly in recent years, the main focus of professional activity for many has shifted away from lifelong permanent positions in opera or radio orchestras and towards broad-based freelance work. This concept of freedom might well lead to diverging responses. However, the pandemic has shown: if concerts and performance opportunities disappear, this freedom sometimes becomes even more difficult to define and shape.
Against this background, it’s no coincidence that the KOG was founded during this period. We want to live a vision in which the cultural sector turns back to its nucleus, society, opens up to it and creates offerings that promote deeper integration.
As an ensemble of professional musicians and top students, we’d like to set an example: that a situation can be improved by means of energy and creative will, and that we can unite people from differing geographical origins – and musical as well – in order to bring the music that comes from our hearts into the world together.

Our Friends


The work of the Chamber Orchestra of the Greater Region is supported in particular by:

– Saarland Ministry of Education and Culture
– Saarland Sporttoto GmbH

– ME Saar Foundation
– Peter and Luise Hager Foundation

– Berthold Leibinger Foundation
– Union Stiftung
David Ben Gurion Stiftung in Deutschland

Furthermore, we are supported in logistical work on the ground thanks to:
– Villa Fuchs Cultural Centre
– Saar University of Music
– Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Alt-Saarbrücken
– Hotel Linslerhof

Circle of friends

Special thanks for the organisational and financial support of our association:
– the married couple Brigitte und Wendelin von Boch
the married couple Daniele Range-Ditz and Dr Walter Ditz
the married couple Angelika Zechbauer-Gillmeister and Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Gillmeister
he married couple Malvina and Thies Knauf