The work of the Chamber Orchestra of the Greater Region is supported in particular by:

– Saarland Ministry of Education and Culture
– Saarland Sporttoto GmbH

– ME Saar Foundation
– Peter and Luise Hager Foundation

– Berthold Leibinger Foundation
– Union Stiftung
David Ben Gurion Stiftung in Deutschland

Furthermore, we are supported in logistical work on the ground thanks to:
– Villa Fuchs Cultural Centre
– Saar University of Music
– Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Alt-Saarbrücken
– Hotel Linslerhof

Circle of friends

Special thanks for the organisational and financial support of our association:
– the married couple Brigitte und Wendelin von Boch
the married couple Daniele Range-Ditz and Dr Walter Ditz
the married couple Angelika Zechbauer-Gillmeister and Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Gillmeister
he married couple Malvina and Thies Knauf